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Suzuki Music Lessons

Suzuki Music Lessons for all ages are offered on piano, flute, violin, guitar, recorder & voice!

  • Weekly private instruction & group lessons
  • Monthly opportunities to perform
  • We help you create a supportive home environment for your child
  • We assist in finding the right instrument for your child
  • Baby classes for babies and parents
  • Preparatory classes for preschoolers and parents
  • Suzuki parent education classes

Music Programs

Violin, Piano, Guitar, Flute, Recorder & Cello

It is CTEC policy that all students beginning Suzuki instrumental music lessons will observe in the studio for 6 to 8 weeks before lessons begin.  There is no charge for this readiness training, which prepares both parent and child for practicing together.  Lessons are started incorporating the Suzuki philosophy of listening, tonalization, technique and motivation.  The child learns not only a musical skill but develops confidence and self-esteem, determination to try difficult things, self-discipline and the power of concentration.  Parent and child attend an individual lesson each week and the children participate in a weekly group class.  At home, parents are encouraged to work with their child every day in a supportive manner working with suggestions from the child’s teacher.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are planned on a regular basis to promote good ensemble playing and to encourage the social aspects of music making. Certain basic techniques of playing are emphasized. Elementary theory and the development of sight-reading skills are stressed. Suzuki students become accustomed to playing for others and develop an ability to overcome shyness and to focus on performance. Repertoire review is a very important part of a group class.  Through review of early repertoire, technique is strengthened and phrasing, articulation and expression can be explored.

Chamber Ensemble

One of the greatest joys in music is playing with others in ensembles.  We have many wonderful orchestras throughout the world.    It is only possible to make beautiful harmonies when each of the orchestra members is well experienced in smaller ensembles and knows how to be sensitive to other members of the orchestra. 

We encourage students to participate in our chamber ensemble program once they have mastered the basic skills of their instruments and have some experience in reading music.

This program is open to all students of CTEC.

Friends outside the CTEC community are also invited to join.  Our experienced teachers will coach you once a week.  CTEC will provide all the music suitable to the level of the students and they will perform in Friday night recitals and other CTEC concerts.  Please contact Kenichi Ueda for more information and for signing up.